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Welcome to Internal Force Fitness, a site dedicated to bringing you bodyweight only workouts from throughout history (mainly the last 100 years, but some older!) and across the globe.

Vintage Bodyweight Only Workout Programs

Daily Dozen 2017 Promo Cover

With an extensive archive of vintage fitness books we present the best of what history has to offer – such as Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen, a daily workout program devised nearly 100 years ago to address the SAME concerns about fitness that we have today! Read more about that program here.


Worldwide Bodyweight Only Workout Programs

Chinese Radio Calisthenics

You cannot have an interest in bodyweight only exercises and NOT be interested in routines coming out of China, Korea and other far-eastern countries. We translate them, so you don’t have to! One of our favourites is one that we have christened simply Chinese Calisthenics (Previously Everyday Exercise Routine 1) You can read more about that here.


We’ve put together 7 of our favourite workouts together as the ROUTINE RAINBOW. 7 FULL BODY exercise routines, all slightly different, all designed to get you into a better condition of living for the minimum time commitment! They are currently on SALE for only $7 the set!! See more here.

Routine Rainbow Promo Website

Together we can all look fit by feeling great!

Richie Neville