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Bowling for Fitness.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a post about bowling. Internal Force Fitness is about exercising using only your bodyweight and the world around you; well today is one of the ‘world around you’ days. I don’t really like using barbells are dumbbells, even though they are some of the best ways of achieving improvements in your physique. Reps just bore… Read More »

Strongo – and how to be strong

The picture above is a hero of mine – Oor Wullie.  A Scottish cartoon character, Oor Wullie was menacing way before Dennis. Wullie liked to play football (soccer), make go-carts, get into fights and generally have ‘adventures.’  In this picture he has a picture of ‘Strongo‘ on the wall and a book open to the page ‘how to… Read More »