Monthly Archives: December 2012

The ANTI New Year diet.

Are you one of the people searching frantically for a New Year “miracle” diet? A quick-fix to help shed those festive pounds and get you back into your pre-Christmas trousers? Well before you continue your search I suggest you read what Jo Swinson, a UK member of parliament, has written. In an open letter to women’s, men’s, health,… Read More »

Gangnam Style Fitness.

Making it big in the news today was the Gangnam Style video smashing the 1 billion barrier on YouTube (in part due to the fact it was on the news that it was about to smash the 1 billion barrier). Why is so popular? It’s catchy, it’s annoying, it’s funny, it’s infuriating – THAT’S why. Combine those things… Read More »

Stronger than a horse!

Large biceps do not indicate great strength, like a large stomach does not indicate good digestion. Wise words but a slightly less wise choice of backpack from Alexander Zass. Also known as Iron Samson, Zass was known for his impressive strength which he built in part using Isometrics! Zass could break chains, bend bars AND carry horses (although… Read More »

The quickest way to get ripped…

The quickest way to get ripped…is to become a piece of paper Probably not original, and not all that funny – but TRUE. What does ‘the quickest way to get ripped’ even mean?? The quickest way to BEING strong and powerful, the quickest way to LOOKING strong and powerful or the quickest way to FEELING strong and powerful?… Read More »