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Head exercises should focus on various head movements to strengthen the head and neck muscles.

Exercise the head, shoulders, knees AND toes!

Exercises for the Head, the Shoulders, the Knees and the Toes. How many hours have you spent looking for a full body workout that uses only your own bodyweight? If you’re anything like me then lots! I’m going to tell you now we’ve had the answer all along! The video above, believe it or not, is a tutorial… Read More »

Fitness ideas for real life

Fitness ideas for real life! If you’re gym fit you may be surprised to learn you’re only fit for the gym! A lot of magazines and books have models in all kinds of crazy positions which immediately make you think – “I can’t do that!”  Of course you can’t, you’re not them! You have no idea what their background is,… Read More »

Take an exercise tip from the animal kingdom!

Exercise tips from the Animal Kingdom: Animals instinctively know the value of stretching and maintaining flexibility. BECOME AN ANIMAL! Replace your patterns of tension (everyday cares and worries, bad posture, lack of exercise) with patterns of PLEASURE – stand tall and walk gracefully with vigour and vitality! Internal Force Fitness promotes exercises for anywhere – a cat (especially a lion) doesn’t care where it stretches… Read More »

Why should I Exercise?

Why should I exercise? That’s a very good question – you shouldn’t be afraid to ask what’s in it for YOU! If you’ve never been fit you’re in for a surprise.  Your physical well-being affects how you feel about yourself, how others react to you, and how well you’re able to perform in EVERY aspect of your life.  We’re NOT talking about… Read More »