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Notes from research, studies and other modern thinking on what we should be doing to stay healthy.

Get Strong

How to GET strong is probably a question that is not asked as often as it once was. Less than a hundred years ago building strength was important to SURVIVE – either to come back from one of the many childhood ailments prevalent among the poor, or in order to work in one of the many heavy industries.… Read More »

Fit For Spring

Are You Fit For Spring? Hibernation season is almost out of the way; NOW is the time to think about little changes you can make to give you an extra spring in your step! Take this test from 1943 to see if you are Fit for Spring: Well? Are you peppy? Do you stand tall with your abdomen… Read More »

Daily Exercises You NEED To Take

Persuading people that daily exercises were NEEDED helped make the Daily Dozen one of the best-selling exercise programs of its day. Naturally a great deal of marketing material was produced to get you in the spirit. This advertisement for the program details why the daily exercises of the Daily Dozen were exercises you needed to take! Whether You Are Father, Mother, Son… Read More »

WHO has the answer to weightloss?

by Christine M. Burkhart The adipose episode is one of my favourite of Dr. Who. Mostly because I personally didn’t see an issue. You have people who have fought their weight, probably for years, while living in a society that both promotes unhealthy eating and disdains fat, looking for a way that actually works… one that works without completely upending their lives with new food… Read More »