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Quotes, stories and images to keep you going on the long road to fitness.

Complete Beginners Exercises

Complete Beginners Exercises. Complete beginners exercises, or exercises anyone can do are phrases that are hugely misused (in my opinion). Exercises that the authors claim are simple exercises that ANYONE can do, are often in fact exercises that already require either a certain amount of strength or a working knowledge of exercise mechanics. Total Beginners Exercises. Total beginners… Read More »

Get Strong

How to GET strong is probably a question that is not asked as often as it once was. Less than a hundred years ago building strength was important to SURVIVE – either to come back from one of the many childhood ailments prevalent among the poor, or in order to work in one of the many heavy industries.… Read More »

Fitness Booklets

Fitness booklets NEED to make a comeback! Self-produced pamphlets & fan-zines are, quite rightly (in my opinion), already making a huge comeback as people take advantage of super cheap printing. They can get their work out there and at the same time circumvent the constrictive ‘rules’ of publishing. I believe there is still a market for the humble fitness… Read More »

Fit For Spring

Are You Fit For Spring? Hibernation season is almost out of the way; NOW is the time to think about little changes you can make to give you an extra spring in your step! Take this test from 1943 to see if you are Fit for Spring: Well? Are you peppy? Do you stand tall with your abdomen… Read More »

Making Fitness Fun

Making fitness fun is easy – you just have to start enjoying it! For some people of course it is not as simple as that, but that doesn’t mean that fitness can’t BECOME fun by altering how you approach it. Richie, the Internal Force Fitness mascot, has fun when he is exercising. Being a cartoon makes things a… Read More »