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It’s important to maintain good flexibility in your shoulder muscles since this is where most people accumulate tension.

Arm Circle Exercise

Which exercise links Billy Blanks, Tony Horton, Shaun T, Debbie Siebers and (practically) EVERY OTHER fitness professional over the last 100 years? It’s the arm circle exercise for the shoulders (there are other exercises too – but I will get to those in due course). Arm Circle Exercise for Posture and Shoulder Development I’m not just writing about… Read More »

Exercise the head, shoulders, knees AND toes!

Exercises for the Head, the Shoulders, the Knees and the Toes. How many hours have you spent looking for a full body workout that uses only your own bodyweight? If you’re anything like me then lots! I’m going to tell you now we’ve had the answer all along! The video above, believe it or not, is a tutorial… Read More »

The Avenging Son Arm Strengtheners

The best arm strengtheners. The fab Mighty Marvel Comics Strength and Fitness Book has already given us strength and endurance exercises from THOR, and now it’s the turn of SUB-MARINER to pass on some conditioning tips. While Subby may call these Arm Strengtheners, they are known the world over as Arm Circles, and are an anywhere/any-time exercise performed by… Read More »