Daily Dozen

Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen workout routine is a series of exercises devised one hundred years ago to give you a ‘running jump-start to the serious work of the day!’

Walter Camp's Daily Dozen: The Original Daily Workout for Busy People

As an adviser to the United States military during World War One, Camp (along with many others) was shocked at the physical condition of the young men brought in for physical examination. He set about devising 12 simple exercises that would meet the following criteria:

  • Last no longer than 8 or 10 minutes once or twice per day.
  • Be simple to learn.
  • Eliminate exercises or movements that we perform daily anyway.
  • Be so simple to remember and complete that there becomes no excuse NOT to do them!
  • Make the exercises of equal use to EVERYBODY regardless of size, shape or level of fitness.
  • Not leave you so tired after doing them that you are too tired to do anything else!

There is a SERIOUS difference between fit for health purposes and fit in the slang sense of the term. To be healthy does not require being 'ripped' or what magazines would consider 'hot', and a person can be more physically fit with less muscle tone than a person with 'insane' definition.

The 'redux' edition clears up some ambiguous instructions from the original text and links to more 'modern' versions of the exercises where necessary.

Here is the intro from “Walter Camp's New Way to Keep Fit.” I defy you not to be even the slightest bit intrigued!

I hope you have picked up this book because you realise that exercise is essential to the highest state of health – both physical AND mental.

For this reason I'm not going to waste precious time and space discussing the various advantages of exercise; rather I'm going to deal with more practical questions about health and exercise such as:

  • How much exercise do I need to keep in the best of health?
  • What kind of exercise do I need?
  • How often should I take exercise?
  • How long should I exercise at a time?

What you don't want is someone simply TELLING you to exercise. You know you need it without anyone telling you. What you want is to have your personal questions (such as those above) answered satisfactorily, and then be presented with a really practical solution to the whole problem of exercise.

It is no great surprise that so few people exercise as much as they should for their health's sake, when you consider how tedious and uninteresting some exercises are.

The exercises contained in this book are designed simply to fit your health building needs regardless of your age, gender or occupation.

The Grind: Develops the shoulders, muscles of the back and improves carriage. Deepends the chest cavity. Improves circulation.

The Grasp: Reduces the abdomen, strengthens the back and improves carriage. Relieves constipation and headache. Rests eye strain. Equalizes weight.

The Grate: Develops shoulders and strengthens the arch of the foot. Deepens the chest cavity, prevents flat feet.

The Crawl: Develops waist and shoulder muscles. Compresses the liver and intestines. Tends to correct constipation and torpid liver. (Ed. A torpid liver is the natural result of over-indulgance)

The Curl: Lifts up and enlarges the chest. Reduces the abdomen. Helps colds and catarrh. Equalizes circulation. Deepens chest.

The Crouch: Strengthens arch of foot, calf of leg and muscles in the back. Helps constipation and prevents flat feet.

The Rotate: Strengthens shoulder muscles. Corrects round and uneven shoulders.

The Revolve: Develops shoulders and chest muscles. Stimulates circulation and deepens chest.

The Roll: Strengthens neck muscles and gives control of them. Relieves billiousness, constipation and sluggish liver.

The Wave: Strengthens muscles of back, lifts up chest and reduces abdomen. Relieves constipation and stimulates topid liver.

The Wing: Develops diaphragm, back and shoulder muscles. Improves circulation and “wind”. Develops chest.

So there we have it - Walter Camp's Daily Dozen. 12 exercises to get you through the day in tip top form!

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