Fit For Spring

By | March 13, 2016

Are You Fit For Spring?

Hibernation season is almost out of the way; NOW is the time to think about little changes you can make to give you an extra spring in your step! Take this test from 1943 to see if you are Fit for Spring:

Fit for Spring Daily Activities Fitness

Well? Are you peppy? Do you stand tall with your abdomen flat? Do you regularly lose yourself in an all-absorbing interest?

Laugh all you want, but poor is still POOR!

How to Keep Fit and Like it!

One of the reasons I love old fitness books rather than glitzy new workout programs is that they have different priorities. That chart comes from a booklet called How to Keep Fit and Like it! published in 1943. Note how it doesn’t ask how long you exercise for, whether you work to failure, whether you feel the burn! It wants to know if you try and stay in a good and positive mood all day (although I like the term ‘peppy’ to be honest). It wants to know if you walk tall and eat right. It wants to know if you take time for yourself and relax properly.

I think that is an excellent set of questions to ask yourself as Spring approaches (or any time; I don’t know when you are reading this!). Consider those points, act upon them and you will be fit for Spring, Summer, Autumn AND Winter!

Use Your Body More Efficiently

In the booklet the chart was preceded by the following:

Commonplace movements can help to condition the body so that improved circulation and elimination and freedom from fatigue will result. Have YOU learned to work more efficiently though the correct use of your body?

I love the term Physical Efficiency, it just sounds so much more like what the vast majority of people are trying to achieve. I don’t particularly want to be ripped or shredded; I will take efficient thank you very much!

Here is the cover from the booklet (I will come back to it in future posts if you are curious about what else in inside); pay close attention to the six ways it says lead the way to physical efficiency:

How to Keep Fit and Like It

  • Relaxation
  • Exercise
  • Medical Care
  • Nutrition
  • Rest
  • Recreation

Ready to go back in time to move forward with your fitness? Stick with me at Internal Force Fitness and we’ll do just that!


Author: Richie Neville

My name is Richie Neville and I am not now, nor have I ever been, a professional athlete. I do not approach my fitness training as one who has ever had the external support of coaches, nutritionists, therapists and trainers. I am just a normal guy who wants to stay as fit as I can for as long as I can. None of the exercises I promote are 'insane' or 'x' rated. Join me at Internal Force Fitness to find out more.

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