How to make your stomach look smaller & your chest look bigger!

By | May 24, 2012

Nemi boobs and stomach

Smaller stomach & BIGGER chest in ONE easy step!

I love comic strips. They need to get their message across really quick and either make you laugh, make you think or both.  This Nemi strip does both.  It’s funny because it’s true.  It makes you think because it’s true.

It’s unbelievable how little people of your age can be bothered to do! I’ll tell you one thing can do which will make your stomach look smaller and your boobs look bigger: straighten up your back.

Standing up straight is one of the ‘secrets’ of fitness.

Good ‘form’ is vital when exercising with weights, but good posture is vital for LIFE! That said, it’s not so much a fitness thing as a feeling thing.

How often have you heard these phrases:

  • Walk tall
  • Walk proud
  • Walk with your head held high… etc.

They are all good things!  They are signs of a confident, strong personality. I’m not going to go all new-age on you and say if you walk like a champion, you’ll become a champion – but at the same time confidence is a personal thing, and something you can give to yourself!

Stand up straight and LOOK fitter!

Here is the effect standing up straight has on me:

Standing with poor posture

This is me just, k’now, kinda standing.  Shoulders down, letting it all hang out. Bruce Lee would not be impressed!

Standing to attention

This is me with my shoulders pulled back – nothing else! I’m not sucking my stomach in or puffing my chest out, the change is simply a by-product of me pulling my shoulders back and standing up straight.

How cool is that! Don’t believe me? Have a go! Pull your shoulders back and down as far as you comfortably can, keeping your hands by your sides pointing down the seam of your trousers (or where the seam would be).  Count to 10, then go and be awesome!!

Next time you see a fitness DVD or something check out the images on the front. We all know they make the ‘before’ image look all washed out – but they also make the actor slouch and stoop.  One of the biggest changes in the ‘after’ photo is the colour and the posture; they will always be standing up straight!

Author: Richie Neville

My name is Richie Neville and I am not now, nor have I ever been, a professional athlete. I do not approach my fitness training as one who has ever had the external support of coaches, nutritionists, therapists and trainers. I am just a normal guy who wants to stay as fit as I can for as long as I can. None of the exercises I promote are 'insane' or 'x' rated. Join me at Internal Force Fitness to find out more.

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