Enjoy Your Fitness This Winter

Worried about keeping fit this winter? Want to keep the weight off? Stop worrying and enjoy the chance to layer up and have fun!

Look at these old magazine covers from early LAST CENTURY, those girls aren't pumping iron or worrying about navigating their way to the spin class in the snow!

Girl having fun in the snow

Personally I think she needs either longer socks or trousers, but each to their own!

Physical culture is a term that has been twisted out of all shape over the years, but if you were to just guess at the meaning you might come up with something like:

A lifestyle seeking physical, mental, spiritual, and social development through methods such as fitness, diet, athletics, and mental discipline – among others!

Source: http://physicalliving.com/physical-culture-its-more-than-just-bodybuilding-muscles-and-old-time-strongmen-training-culture/

This can mean simply being active, walking places, playing in the snow, or doing a series of simple daily exercises that you enjoy to keep you supple. NOTHING about weight loss or huge muscular development.

Exercise in the Snow

Of course manual work can feel good too, and I bet this girl worked up a sweat! Of course these days we don't really need to go out and cut logs for the fire (although more is the pity, because log burning stoves give off an AWESOME heat), but you get the idea.

I have worked with women in a variety of offices and they often 'abandon' exercise from December 1 onwards, swearing they will 'get back on it' in January.

This year why not 'abandon' exercise that you obviously don't really enjoy and find a routine or a system that you don't feel like abandoning.

5-10 minutes of daily movement based exercise (such as the Daily Dozen) will keep your energy levels up, keep you mentally feeling good, and stop all of this silly guilt!