Exercises you NEED to take

To make the Daily Dozen one of the best-selling exercise programs of its day, there was naturally a great deal of marketing material produced to get you in the spirit! This advertisement for the program details why these are exercises that you NEED to take:

Whether You Are Father, Mother, Son or Daughter – Regardless of Your Sex or Age, You Should Take These Fascinating, Invigorating Exercises.

Why Mother Should Take Them

It is a well-known fact that, owing to the weakness of their abdominal muscles, the lives of civilised women are endangered by child-birth, and they sometimes become invalids as a result. This is a crime and its remedy is the application of the new principle of exercising used in the “Daily Dozen.”

These exercises also reduce weight if one is too fleshy or increase weight if one is much below normal. They tend to make the figure normal and beautiful.

Not least important, these exercises overcome that tired feeling which so often comes to mothers having their own housework to do.

It is of course strange to read something clearly out of its own time, and I am using this advertisement partly for its amusing qualities, but also to highlight some of the GOOD language that has been lost in the world of fitness presentation. In this section the phrase I find particularly striking is that these exercises can “make the figure normal and beautiful!”

Why Daughter Should Take Them

Many of the younger folk nowadays are far from being as robust, strong and healthy as their ancestors were at a corresponding age. We frequently see puny, pale-faced girls which is likely to indicate one of two things: either there is not enough exercise, or not the right kind of exercise.

Not only should the circulation be stimulated at frequent intervals, but the vital muscles of the trunk should be given regular exercise.

The “Daily Dozen” deepens the chest capacity, encourages deeper breathing and renders the entire body supple.

In reviewing this section we can immediately dispense with the singling out of girls! That said, it is not such a bad idea to make girls aware that first and foremost exercise is to make YOU feel good. With something like the Daily Dozen, nobody needs to see, nobody needs to know – UNTIL that is they maybe see you moving a little easier and standing a little taller!

There may have been a time when “puny and pale-faced” was in vogue, but in the age of strong, kick-ass females such as Ronda Rousey, Gina Carano, and Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, girls and young women can see that perhaps being strong and brave is better than weak and helpless!

Why Younger Children Should Take Them

Even the younger children from six to twelve of age will get real fun out of exercising to music. The “Daily Dozen” will benefit them as it does the older ones. All members of the family will get fun, recreation and intrinsic health benefits from doing the “Daily Dozen” to music.

There are more than enough children's TV show now with a fitness viewpoint to show this is just 100% true! Not that the original 'music' would really keep a 21st Century child's attention...

Why Father Should take Them

In becoming civilized, man has become weak in many parts where he needs to be strong. The “Daily Dozen” is concentrated upon those very muscles.

The use of these exercises will practically do away with headaches and constipation.

Father will want to continue his golf or favourite sport as usual, but should realize that even a round of golf will not reach some of those important unused muscles which are brought into play by the “Daily Dozen”. He needs the “Daily Dozen” in addition to any sports he now enjoys.

Almost all health publications in the first quarter of the 20th Century were concerned with constipation; not surprising considering the stodgy food. One hundred years on we are still bombarded with advertisements for a whole range of digestive aids – so again the Daily Dozen is right on point with the idea of exercises we need to take to work the RIGHT muscles to keep in good shape and good health.

A lot of men (and women) think that one game of soccer a week, or a single fitness session, count as their 'fitness for the week.' It doesn't. Treat these sessions for what they are – FUN – and just enjoy them. Where something like the Daily Dozen comes in is in the maintenance of the body, the daily under the hood work that will help you perform better when you need to.

Why Son Should Take Them

Boys of today do more running than girls, but even with boys it is found that the games they play for the most part do not give thorough exercise to certain important muscles of the trunk.

The “Daily Dozen” strengthens the neck, develops the shoulders and important muscles of the back. It also improves the carriage.

These exercises are especially beneficial when used by growing boys, for it not only does them actual good physically, but the effect of aiming daily at self-improvement through systematic exercise is decidedly beneficial.

This section really is interchangeable with ALL of the above family members. Magazine covers focus on big arms, big chests – not so much on a strong neck and good posture, even though it is these things that make you look ALL OVER stronger and healthier.

It is often when the concepts of 'discipline' and 'commitment' rear their heads that a lot of people give up on exercising. When there are reps and sets and equipment to purchase and timetables to stick to, you can understand why. Life however is full of commitments and areas where we need to show discipline. More and more employers are complaining about young people entering the workplace with no idea of the concept of 'hard work'. Committing to some daily exercise from a young age will do you nothing but good, from a health and strength standpoint to a mental focus standpoint.