Health and Strength League

Just yesterday I shared an article from 1937 detailing how Germany was leading the way in physical fitness for all of its citizens. You can read the full article here.

What was interesting was the sense of PRIDE that the Germans were able to take in passing the various tests and achieving their various certificates (and still do I might add).

We often read stories now about how schools do not like to hold competitive sports days, as this means there has to be losers. But sadly just as no-one gets to lose, then no-one gets to win. No-one finds out how hard they need to try to get better, or that there may be something they are unexpectedly good at. No-one gets to ACHIEVE!

I came across this Health and Strength League membership form (the image in the header) in an old book I got from eBay. The object of the League was:

[t]o unite together all Physical culturists throughout the world for the purpose of disseminating the broad principles of, and in Nature's way promoting, the cause of Health and Strength.

You literally signed an agreement to that effect!

A range of enamel badges were available and when worn in the lapel of the jacket, it's wearer might be recognized and greeted with a friendly "Hello Leaguer!"

Now for all most places have various health clubs or gym clubs, the term 'club' bears little resemblance to the old notion of people 'clubbing' together. Fitness classes do a little more to get similarly minded people in touch with one another, but there are weekly expenses and schedules to consider in this day and age. People don't 'unite' any more.

So what is the answer? The whole point of Internal Force Fitness is to promote EASY fitness programs that can be done in the HOME by ANYONE. Forget competing with others, or weekly payments and schedules and diet plans. Forget fancy (and expensive) equipment and apps and phones.

Pick 5 or 10 minutes worth of movements that will strengthen and invigorate your mind and your body, and do them every day. When someone asks you:

is something DIFFERENT about you?

after a couple of weeks - just tell them. Disseminate the broad principle of HEALTH and STRENGTH!

As always, Look Fit by Feeling Great!