Routine Rainbow Calisthenic Exercises

By | April 13, 2017


The Internal Force Fitness Routine Rainbow of calisthenic exercises is here! Seven different exercise routines from different times and different countries all ready for you to have a go at.Internal Force Fitness Routine Rainbow Homepage

Routine Rainbow

Seven colors of the rainbow, seven exercise routines – it’s as simple as that.

As a general rule of thumb you should consider changing any exercise routine after a while. Easier said than done though, right? A lot of people are actually SCARED of exercise, scared of doing it wrong, scared of what people might think. When they DO finally pluck up the courage to exercise, they tend to pick ONE thing and stick to it. Maybe they run, or do yoga, or zumba (you get the idea). While any exercise of course will help get you fitter, this approach does nothing to really EDUCATE you about your body. This is where the Routine Rainbow can come in.

About the Routine Rainbow Routines

The Routine Rainbow routines are a mixture of popular bodyweight exercises, martial arts and old school calisthenics. Several of the routines are based on the famous ‘Radio Gymnastic’ routines practiced across China and Japan for well over half a century (although the concept originated in the USA!).  Easy and quick to learn, these routines will help you to relax and relieve tension.  I will also demonstrate routines from neighboring South Korea. Again, these are fully developed and tested full-body exercise routines suitable for all ages and abilities. Then I go back nearly 100 years to take another look at Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen exercise programme, 12 exercises that were designed to get the youth of America into shape.

There is no particular order you need to complete these routines in, but why not follow my Routine Rainbow and simply change color every 30 days!


The purpose of these exercises is not to turn you into an athlete, merely to push you into a healthy routine that makes you feel good. These exercises are not as intense or sweaty as sports or aerobics, but they are not MEANT to be. Forget 60 days, or 90 days, these are life-long routines to keep you agile, mobile, happy and healthy.

Calisthenics or Callisthenics?

I refer to it as calisthenics, that’s really all you need to know. To the best of my knowledge it is just one of those words that can be spelled two different ways! What IS important is understanding which definition of the word I have applied it to.

An awful lot (TOO many in my opinion) of calisthenics programmes put an emphasis on never-ending repetitions of push ups, pull ups and squats. Of course that IS one way to look at and define calisthenics. I prefer this one however:

[G]ymnastic exercises to achieve bodily fitness and grace of movement.

Doesn’t that sound great! I would take bodily fitness and grace of movement over bulging biceps and burning thigh muscles. To get modern versions of this kind of exercise it is necessary to look to countries such as China, Japan and Korea – countries where the concept of DAILY exercising is ingrained in the public psyche. So that is exactly what I did with the Routine Rainbow!

Bring your A Game

These exercise routines are PERFECT for beginners, but EVERYONE can get something out of them. Even hard core bodybuilders are going to recognise some of the moves! To get the most out of them however, you need to engage MENTALLY with them. I warn you now, you are going to have to READ the instructions, have a go, tweak the exercises to your own needs, and read again. You are going to have to MAKE time to do this, but it is going to be SO worthwhile in the long run – I promise you.

The Routine Rainbow Routines:

Chinese Radio Calisthenics: A Beginners Calisthenic Workout Program for all Ages and Abilities (Red)

Walter Camp’s Daily Dozen: The Original Daily Workout Program for Busy People (Orange)

Radio Taiso: Basic Calisthenic Exercising: The Exercise of 10 Million Japanese (Yellow)

Calisthenics for Strength and Fitness: Beginner Level (Green)

4 Minute Calisthenics: A perfect beginners bodyweight only strength building program! (Blue)

Calisthenics for Conditioning: Gymnastic Exercises for Fitness and Grace (Indigo)

Personal Physical Fitness: Another Look at the Chairman Mao 4 Minute Workout (Violet)

Next Steps

Basically, just have a go! Some of the exercises will be familiar (in that you will do some of them without even thinking about it!), some will kind of repeat, and this will help you when it comes do devising your OWN perfect routine.

The only other thing to note is that I don’t use live models in my books (the Daily Dozen is an exception) because they are off putting and distract you from looking at YOU! How they look is not important. That they can twist or turn or bend twice as far as you can is not important. YOU are important! Here are the types of model I use:

Computer Generated Exercise Models

See you at the end of the rainbow!


Author: Richie Neville

My name is Richie Neville and I am not now, nor have I ever been, a professional athlete. I do not approach my fitness training as one who has ever had the external support of coaches, nutritionists, therapists and trainers. I am just a normal guy who wants to stay as fit as I can for as long as I can. None of the exercises I promote are 'insane' or 'x' rated. Join me at Internal Force Fitness to find out more.

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