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Gangnam Style Fitness.

Making it big in the news today was the Gangnam Style video smashing the 1 billion barrier on YouTube (in part due to the fact it was on the news that it was about to smash the 1 billion barrier). Why is so popular? It’s catchy, it’s annoying, it’s funny, it’s infuriating – THAT’S why. Combine those thingsā€¦ Read More »

Exercise the head, shoulders, knees AND toes!

Exercises for the Head, the Shoulders, the Knees and the Toes. How many hours have you spent looking for a full body workout that uses only your own bodyweight? If you’re anything like me then lots! I’m going to tell you now we’ve had the answer all along! The video above, believe it or not, is a tutorialā€¦ Read More »