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A dynamic exercise routine for any age and for every day!

What I have called the Internal Force Fitness: Everyday Exercise Routine 1 is in fact a version of something called Chinese Radio Gymnastics. Chinese Radio Gymnastics have been around for many years and are an everyday part of life for the young and elderly alike. These everyday exercise routines use only your own bodyweight, and while Tai Chi routines require… Read More »

Take a stand!

More bad news from the ‘recent studies’ files: Sitting for long periods is bad for your health! Did you squirm in your seat a little when you read that? I did when I first read it. From the BBC (emphasis added by me!): Sitting for long periods increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death, researchers suggest. The… Read More »

Crawling your way to fitness – the Daily Dozen: Redux

We’re into the second half of the Daily Dozen : Redux now! You’re over halfway to a series of daily exercises that served the United States Army and Navy back in the early 20th Century. A series of exercises designed not to tire you out or give you large and pointless muscles, but exercises to set you up… Read More »

Grasp your fitness: Daily Dozen Redux part 4

O.K, so you’ve handed, hipped, headed, grinded (ground?) and grated. You’re 5 moves in to the Daily Dozen routine developed by Walter Camp for the general health and well being of the Army, the Navy and the general public 100 YEARS AGO. Lots of websites claim to present FITNESS SECRETS or FORGOTTEN EXERCISES – a lot of it… Read More »

Daily Dozen: Redux – Part 3 Grind & Grate

It’s day 3 of the Daily Dozen: Redux programme and we’re 3 moves in: Hands Hips Head You’ve stood up straight, loosened your shoulders, engaged your core and stretched your chest. Not bad in a couple of minutes. Today I’ll be outlining 2 moves: Grind and Grate. Grind From the Attention position raise both arms out to the… Read More »