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Exercise like 10 MILLION Japanese

Exercise like 10 MILLION Japanese! Exercise like 10 million Japanese people do and have a go at the Radio Taiso sequence of exercises! Japanese radio callisthenics were born in 1928 and have been performed in schools and workplaces ever since for building HEALTH. The programme is also used to build a sense of COMMUNITY in neighbourhoods, where the… Read More »

A dynamic exercise routine for any age and for every day!

What I have called the Internal Force Fitness: Everyday Exercise Routine 1 is in fact a version of something called Chinese Radio Gymnastics. Chinese Radio Gymnastics have been around for many years and are an everyday part of life for the young and elderly alike. These everyday exercise routines use only your own bodyweight, and while Tai Chi routines require… Read More »

Exercise the head, shoulders, knees AND toes!

Exercises for the Head, the Shoulders, the Knees and the Toes. How many hours have you spent looking for a full body workout that uses only your own bodyweight? If you’re anything like me then lots! I’m going to tell you now we’ve had the answer all along! The video above, believe it or not, is a tutorial… Read More »

The Da Vinci Code of fitness

Author of the Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown, apparently; takes a ‘first year in the army’-style approach to writing discipline. Starting at 4am each morning, he writes with an antique hour glass next to him on his desk. When the last grain drops every 60 minutes, he leaps to his feet and does a round of push-ups, sit-ups… Read More »