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Fit For Spring

Are You Fit For Spring? Hibernation season is almost out of the way; NOW is the time to think about little changes you can make to give you an extra spring in your step! Take this test from 1943 to see if you are Fit for Spring: Well? Are you peppy? Do you stand tall with your abdomen… Read More »

Gangnam Style Fitness.

Making it big in the news today was the Gangnam Style video smashing the 1 billion barrier on YouTube (in part due to the fact it was on the news that it was about to smash the 1 billion barrier). Why is so popular? It’s catchy, it’s annoying, it’s funny, it’s infuriating – THAT’S why. Combine those things… Read More »

Bowling for Fitness.

*Disclaimer: This is NOT a post about bowling. Internal Force Fitness is about exercising using only your bodyweight and the world around you; well today is one of the ‘world around you’ days. I don’t really like using barbells are dumbbells, even though they are some of the best ways of achieving improvements in your physique. Reps just bore… Read More »