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The Take a Stand Project

Sitting down is bad for your health. I’ve already written about exercises you can do while you are sitting down, either at home or in the workplace, but of course I’ve also written about the benefits of simply standing up and moving around. Even the simple stuff is confusing right? Exercises for people who don’t have time to… Read More »

The quickest way to get ripped…

The quickest way to get ripped…is to become a piece of paper Probably not original, and not all that funny – but TRUE. What does ‘the quickest way to get ripped’ even mean?? The quickest way to BEING strong and powerful, the quickest way to LOOKING strong and powerful or the quickest way to FEELING strong and powerful?… Read More »

Strongo – and how to be strong

The picture above is a hero of mine – Oor Wullie.  A Scottish cartoon character, Oor Wullie was menacing way before Dennis. Wullie liked to play football (soccer), make go-carts, get into fights and generally have ‘adventures.’  In this picture he has a picture of ‘Strongo‘ on the wall and a book open to the page ‘how to… Read More »