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Complete Beginners Exercises

Complete Beginners Exercises. Complete beginners exercises, or exercises anyone can do are phrases that are hugely misused (in my opinion). Exercises that the authors claim are simple exercises that ANYONE can do, are often in fact exercises that already require either a certain amount of strength or a working knowledge of exercise mechanics. Total Beginners Exercises. Total beginners… Read More »

WHO has the answer to weightloss?

by Christine M. Burkhart The adipose episode is one of my favourite of Dr. Who. Mostly because I personally didn’t see an issue. You have people who have fought their weight, probably for years, while living in a society that both promotes unhealthy eating and disdains fat, looking for a way that actually works… one that works without completely upending their lives with new food… Read More »

The Take a Stand Project

Sitting down is bad for your health. I’ve already written about exercises you can do while you are sitting down, either at home or in the workplace, but of course I’ve also written about the benefits of simply standing up and moving around. Even the simple stuff is confusing right? Exercises for people who don’t have time to… Read More »