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When is exercise not exercise?

It was my friend Simons 33rd birthday yesterday and he wanted to ‘do’ something. A week or so ago he send me a link to a company that arranges canoe trips on Lake Windermere – you get some instruction, all the canoe gear, a campsite booked, all the camping gear and couple of days to explore the lake.… Read More »

Brawny or Brownlee?

Yesterday morning I watched as the Brownlee brothers (Alistair and Jonathan) finished 1st and 3rd in the mens Triathlon event at the London 2012 Olympics. It is worth noting that Alistair was by far and away the favourite for the event and is the reigning, and back-to-back, ETU European Triathlon champion and a two-time Triathlon World Champion, having won in… Read More »

How to look like an Olympian!

How to get an Olympian body… A lot of the articles I see on the internet around ‘fitness’ and ‘how to look like…’ are TRASH! Here is the text of an article I came across today called: How to get an Olympian Body You could be petite, like Olga Kaniskina, the Olympic 20 km race walking champion from… Read More »