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Steampunk Yoga!

Steampunk Yoga! I know I’m in danger of posting ALL of Rob Osborne’s great Yoga posters on here (I’ve done Yogi Bear, the Pirates and the Zombies already), but I just came across his STEAMPUNK one! Not much more to add really, you all know I’m not a huge fan of yoga, but I just love this!

Winging it – the Daily Dozen exercise programme.

O.K. No excuses. After today you will be able to do the WHOLE Daily Dozen: Redux exercise programme. 12 exercises, 1 after the other. Every. Single. Day. Last time I left you with the ‘wave‘ – well, from there we’re going straight into: Weave I’ve mentioned before that there are certain exercises you see in practically ALL exercise routines.… Read More »

Making fitness fun!

Making fitness fun! When was the last time looking at a fitness tool made you smile? I’m guessing never – fitness journals are not known for their fun rating!  When I came across these prints by Rob Osborne however, I smiled!  Aren’t they great? As well as the Pirates on you can also get: NINJA Yoga ZOMBIE Yoga ROBOT… Read More »