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By | October 29, 2016

Witches broom fitness time is here again! Vacuum cleaners have pretty much replaced the humble broom, but at Halloween we are at least reminded of what a broomstick looks like. Of course if you or your folks have a yard to sweep, you may still be all too familiar with a broom – and the workout you can get simply by using it for its intended purpose. In this article however we are going to look at the advantages of using a broom (or similar) for exercises to keep you trim and fit.

Cyd Charrise Halloween Broom

Witches broom fitness – or the Halloween workout!

I have talked about broomstick exercises once before HERE but seeing as it is Halloween, I thought I would revisit it. There was another reason too – Jayne Mansfield.

Jayne Mansfield Exercises

That is Jayne Mansfield for those who don’t know! Celebrity workouts are nothing at all new, and I was interested to come across “Jayne Mansfield’s Formula for Keeping Her Figure Trim.” Especially since it involved – yes, you guessed it – a broom!

Jayne Mansfield’s Formula for Keeping Her Figure Trim

Article by Arlene Dahl first published 1961.

“A switch on the witch” is the theme of these exercises, using the witches broom as an effective prop. Halloween may be the inspiration, but this beauty routine is one to be followed every day of the year if you are serious about acquiring a slender figure and good posture.

After you have analysed your figure and decided where you need slimming and smoothing most, don a leotard or bathing suit and take your pick from these exercises illustrated by Hollywood’s spectacular Jayne Mansfield.

Slimming Waist Line

1. To slim your waist line, kneel on the floor and raise a broomstick high above your head with both hands, one on each end of the stick. Now, keeping your back straight, bend slowly to the right side until the end of the broom touches the floor: then alternate to the left side. Start with twenty-five and work up to fifty.

2. To give yourself a beautiful, firm bust line, kneel on the floor and clasp each wrist with the opposite hand. Now try to push each hand forward on your wrists, without actually moving its position. This is called resistance exercise. If you are doing it correctly, you will feel the pectoral muscle surrounding the bust and those under the upper arm move. Start with twenty-five at a time and work up to fifty.

3. To help improve your posture and eliminate protruding shoulder blades, kneel on the floor holding the broomstick high above your head. Now, bend your elbows as you slowly lower the broomstick down behind your back, gradually straightening your arms until the broomstick is even with your lower hips. Raise broomstick back to beginning position and repeat exercise ten times, eventually working up to twenty-five.

Do Figure Eight

4. To flatten your tummy try this: Lie flat on your back with legs together and arms extended to the sides – shoulder level. Raise your legs so that they are at right angles to the floor. Now, keeping your legs together at all times describe a figure eight in the air. (If you are doing this exercise correctly you should feel a pull in the muscles of your abdomen and in your diaphragm.) Start with five figure eights and work up to fifteen.

5. For that bugaboo of every woman – heavy hips – Jayne Mansfield likes this exercise: Lie flat on your back with arms extended to your sides, shoulder level. Bend your knees and roll from side to side, keeping your shoulders and arms flat on the floor. The more you bend your knees, the higher on your hips you will roll. Roll on each side at least ten times, work up to twenty-five.

Jayne Mansfield Broom

There are many more broomstick exercises that you can incorporate into a fitness plan. My recommendation is to try and either modify an old broom by taking the brush off the end, or get one of those cheap plastic mops where the ends actually screw off. That will leave you with a well-balanced ‘stick’ with which to exercise. Then it is simply a case of having a go!

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Broomstick Exercises Volume 2

Happy Halloween!


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